Basket: Reyer Venezia conquers Europe!

May 05, 2018

Following their +8 at the PalaDelMauro, the reigning gold and garnet-red Italian Champions asserted themselves with an 81-79 win at the Palasport Taliercio to claim their first international trophy in their history.  

A jubilant Umana Reyer Venezia had subdued Avellino to win the FIBA Europe Cup 2018!  

The reigning Italian champions have won their first ever international trophy in their history, 37 years after their first final and having brought the first European trophy back home to Italy since 2015, when Reggio Emilia won the Euro Challenge in Bologna.

Reyer's victory came in all-Italian final against Sidigas Avellino, and following their 77-69 win at the PalaDelMauro, Walter De Raffaele's players imposed themselves in front of their home supporters at the Palasport Taliercio, with final score of 81-79. A sparkling performance from Peric and Haynes produced 16 points, whereas the 32 points from Avellino's unrestrained Jason Rich were not enough.

Well done to Reyer Venezia and its young players, and also to everyone who made this amazing success possible.