Parma marks Serie A return with stunning new kits

Aug 20, 2018

In order to salute the club’s return to the top flight of Italian football, Erreà has chosen, for the first time ever, to dedicate a photographic service for unveiling the official Parma Calcio 1913 kits for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.

It contains images designed, above all, to tell of a situation that today, more than ever before, reveals an increasingly more frequent and driven cross-contamination between soccer and urban culture.

Two worlds with increasingly less clearly defined boundaries, in which soccer apparel gives life to and creates a style with a strong sense of streetwear.

Erreà has come up with a communication campaign that is far removed from the more classical and conventional institutional presentations to offer an alternative approach inspired by aesthetics and the world of lifestyle. Above all, the aim of the launch is to showcase the entire world of Erreà, not just its technical garments, linked to the world of football, but also its leisurewear and younger Erreà Republic line, which will be afforded much more space. An image that skilfully combines soccer and fashion, and that brings to the fore all of the company’s know-how and thirty years’ experience in sportswear manufacturing.

The photographs, taken by the Polish photographer, Pawel Fabjanski, describe a language that is trendy and contemporary, at a styling level, and they give room to the looks associated with more current sportswear.

In order to give life to photos that draw their inspiration from day to day reality, they are set within the heart of the Tardini Stadium, the supporters’ location.

In addition to the club's players, the photos also feature a modern, multi-ethnic society. These are the everyday faces of normal young people, of the different nationalities and ethnicities that represent the team’s international appeal and the Parma brand.