Frequently Asked Questions

What is Erreà®?

Erreà is an Italian sportswear company established in 1988, specializing in manufacturing and marketing technical sport apparel with a global distribution. The combination of quality products and customer service has made Erreà the technical supplier of a large number of professional athletes and clubs, including amateur teams and some of the greatest Italian and International clubs of football, volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sport disciplines.

What is Active Tense®?

Active Tense® is our breakthrough line of high tech posture correction garments supporting athletes before, during and after training as much as anyone else during daily activities. Visit our Active Tense page to learn more.

What is 3DWear?

3DWear is Erreà’s Compression, Recovery and Performance technical base layer line. Visit our 3DWear page to learn more.

What is Erreà Teamwear?

Teamwear is Erreà’s complete line of garments, uniforms and gear for teams of many sports. The line also includes specific accessories. Each teamwear garment can be customized to your specifications with your team’s logo, symbols, sponsors, and colors. visit our Teamwear page to learn more.

How can I receive updates on the news and products offered by Erreà?

To receive updates on our Erreà's news and events, please subscribe to our Newsletter entering your email here or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I have problems in viewing Erreà's online store. What should I do?

In case of problems in viewing Erreà Sport USA's online store, try removing old cookies and Internet temporary files from the computer. To delete the cookies, from the "Tools" menu select "Options" and then click on “Delete cookies”. To delete old cookies, make sure that they are active on your computer. We support the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

I bought products from, or I found a website that sells non-original Erreà products, what should I do?

Please contact us to notify these websites or counterfeited products, so that we may start an investigation.

How does Active Tense® work?

Active Tense® patented construction is based on an inner exoskeleton manually applied to a seamless garment, combining latest textile technologies, experienced craftsmanship and Italian design. The exoskeleton adheres to the body delivering active and passive support without interfering with the body natural movements.

How long should I wear my Active Tense®?

Ultra trail runner Carlos Aguilar has worn Active Tense for two consecutive days during a race. It may be preferable to progressively extend the wearing time while getting used to it. The seamless construction and the flexibility of the inner exoskeleton allow to comfortably wearing the Active Tense for long periods.

What is the difference between short- and long-sleeve top?

Long-sleeve top offers elbow support and is great for sports and activities where all arms muscles need exceptional support, such as baseball and archery.

What is the difference between shorts and ¾ pants?

Shorts and ¾ pants have a completely different construction. Arrius shorts give support to the thigh-flexor-buttocks muscular group and are, generally, recommended in sports requiring power explosion, such as sprinting, jumping, etc.. Caleyo ¾ pants focus on the knees articulation: as such, they are recommended for activities where knees’ control is important including long distance running, skiing, etc..

How should I wear Active Tense®?

Active Tense should be worn following the instructions provided in the product pages. You can find the videos on our YouTube channel as well.

Is Active Tense® right for me?

Anyone can wear Active Tense® and feel the benefits. In case of specific medical condition, we recommend consulting the medical care provider before using it.

Can I wash my Active Tense®?

Erreà garments are not only designed to last over time, but also to be easy to take care of. Active Tense, nevertheless, is a technical garment which requires some extra care to ensure excellent performance and longer life.
The high quality of the threads ensures ultra-fast drying and low water absorption for a perfect result even in cold water. Follow these instructions to protect your Active Tense® and ensure its effects for a long time:
- Rinse in clean, cold water after use - Wash separately - Hand washing in cold water is recommended. If machine washing, select cold water/delicate cycle at max 86°F/30°C - Use a mild detergent and do not use softeners. Do not use bleach. - Do not turn inside out during wash and dry - Remove immediately after washing and hang to dry – do not fold it or lay it flat while wet. Don’t tumble dry and don’t dry in direct sunlight. - Do not iron, rub, twist or wring decorations/prints

Will the items marked as ”sold out” be available again in the future?

When an item is marked as “sold out” we cannot guarantee future availability. Please check availability from time to time.

Does the image of the product always match the item delivered?

Yes, even if the product may feature small trim/finishing differences. Pictures on the Website show product samples and therefore from time to time small changes may occur during serial manufacturing, including but not limited to the color of the logo or of the zipper. The colors may also vary depending on the device on which they are displayed.

How do I select the right size?

Check the size table next to each item displayed on our online store. Consider that Active Tense® and 3DWear have to be worn as a second skin with a tight fitting. Please watch our “How to wear” video and our sizing guide for further information.

Is fitting the same for all models?

We do our best to provide optimal fitting based on the product's intended use, for each product family and category. This means that there may be fitting differences between each garment. Our size tables will help find the right size.

Can I change or cancel my order if it hasn't been shipped yet?

An order may not be changed or canceled once it has been confirmed. Erreà shall do its best to process any order in the shortest possible time as per suggested deadline. Any order may be returned within 10 (ten) business days of the delivery. For further information please refer to our “Sales Terms and Conditions” or to our “Return Policy”.

Can I order products by telephone?

We currently do not accept telephone orders.

How can I be sure that Erreà has received my order?

After entering the order, a confirmation email will be sent.. In the event the summary confirmation notice is not received, our customer service should be contacted.

What type of communications will I receive from Erreà after sending my order?

After entering the order, the following information will be sent by e-mail: Order summary: to confirm that the order was received. All orders are subject to availability of the products requested. Should an item be unavailable following placement of an order, we will suggest a similar item or give the opportunity to change or cancel the order shipment confirmation: our freight forwarder will send an e-mail to confirm that goods have been shipped. The e-mail will report the tracking number to monitor the shipment. Invoice: an invoice in .pdf format will be sent by e-mail, and on paper copy inside the package.

Why was my order rejected?

An order may be rejected in the event that: Incorrect personal information; Product shortage; Incomplete order Payment problem For further details our Customer Service should be contacted.

Can I add an item after confirming my order?

Items may not be changed or canceled after the order is confirmed. Additional products may be ordered placing a new order.

I have an Active Tense® Promotional Code, where do I have to enter it?

In the checkout page, when entering payment information, a section will appear to enter the Promotional Code. Promotional code should be entered correctly and without space before and after it. Only one promotional code can be used per product and per order. Promotional codes can’t be combined with any other special offer or promotion.

What type of payment is accepted?

The payment systems accepted by our online store are: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, Paypal.

When is the amount debited?

The amount shall be debited when the issuing bank/company authorizes the transaction to pay the ordered items.

Can I buy securely at erreausa.com online store?

Yes, we ensure that personal data and purchases are securely handled.

How does Errea Sport USA process my payment details?

The payment will be processed in a secure environment. Erreà Sport USA will not display/process/store/keep any payment system’s details. Erreà Sport USA makes all efforts to prevent any fraud and to make its online store secure.

Why was my credit card rejected?

A credit card may be rejected for one of the following reasons: The credit card may have expired, please check its validity. Credit card limit may be reached. Please contact the issuing company of the credit card to verify that the authorized credit line has not been exceeded. Wrong information may be entered, please check that all fields have been duly filled in. If none of the above is applicable, please contact our customer service team.

What freight forwarder does Erreà use?

We use the major US freight forwarders.

When should I receive my order?

We do our best to deliver your order within the shortest time possible. Delivery should be made between 5 to 10 business days. Please note that this is not a guaranteed delivery date for your order. Some areas may take longer due to the frequency of deliveries to the delivery zip code. For further information, please see our General Sales Conditions or contact our customer service team.

Which countries do you ship to?

The goods may be only shipped within the US. We do not ship internationally or to U.S. territories.

Where are the goods shipped from?

All the orders are prepared and shipped from our US based warehouse.

What are the shipping costs, and why are you not offering free delivery?

We chose to be straightforward, and state the shipping costs instead of inflating our product prices to cover the fees, like many other companies do to offer “free” delivery. The shipping costs will be calculated at checkout, and will be based on your location, and the delivery option you select. We offer standard shipping 5-10 business days, 3-day shipping, and 2nd day air.

Is it possible to have my order sent to an address that is not the invoice address?

Yes. After entering the invoicing address during the checkout process, a different delivery address may be entered. Orders may only be shipped within the United States. We do not ship internationally, to U.S. territories or PO Boxes.

After sending my order can I change the delivery address?

We do our best to process the orders within one business day: as such, after confirming an order, the delivery address may not be changed. For further information, please contact us at customerservice@erreausa.com

How can I track my order?

Check the tracking number provided on the e-mail sent by our freight forwarder at the time of shipment. Follow the instructions shown on the e-mail to monitor your shipment progress.

Returns and refunds: On receiving a return at our warehouse we will send a confirmation e-mail. Following the required inspections, we shall start the refund procedure. A second email will be sent to confirm the item has been refunded. Returned items should be in their original condition: unwashed, unused, clean, complete, packed in their original undamaged packaging.

What is your product replacement policy?

To replace a product, please place a new order. Original order should then be returned requesting a refund. To speed up the entire process, we may offer an Online Credit for the corresponding amount that may be used for the new order. Please contact customerservice@erreausa.com

What should I do if the product I received is wrong, damaged or defective?

Please contact our customer service at customerservice@erreausa.com for a replacement or refund.

If I return my order, will I have the shipment costs credited back to my account?

Please read our Returns Policy.

When should I receive my refund?

Refund shall be processed as soon as the returned item/items has been inspected by our quality assurance team. Following approval, a refund will be processed within 90 (ninety) days. The refund time may vary and depend on the individual payment service provider. Accordingly, our estimate refund timing may be slightly inaccurate.

What should I do if the amount refunded is wrong?

Please contact our customer service at customerservice@erreausa.com: we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

When may a product considered defective?

A defective product is a product which has shown to be defective after normal use. Any altered, misused, abused products should not be considered defective.

My Erreà product is defective, should I return it?

Please follow our return policy procedure to return any items. Please contact our Customer Service via the contact page of our website and follow the instructions. Make sure that the products returned are perfectly clean.

Do I have to pay shipment for returning my product/s under warranty?

Please follow our return policy procedure to return any items. Erreà bears the shipment costs for the products covered by our warranty. Concerning items that are not covered by our warranty, shipment and repair costs shall be charged as required.

How can I track an item returned under warranty?

An e-mail will be sent to confirm that the item returned has been processed. The time required to process returned products under warranty is approximately 15 (fifteen) days as of the date of receipt of the same items at our warehouse.

Will my Erreà product be repaired or replaced, or will I have the related amount credited back to my account?

If your Erreà product is not functioning or is damaged due to manufacturing or processing defects, Erreà shall repair it, replace it or credit it back. If no defects are found on the goods returned, Erreà shall reject the refund claim under warranty and will return the goods. All the related shipment costs shall be at the customer’s charge. If the products are not perfectly clean, they will be rejected.

Will Erreà replace any broken/missing/defective parts?

If parts of the product (e.g. draw strings etc.) are broken, we will be glad to replace them. Our customer service may be contacted to provide the following details: a clear description of the product, including color, size, a clear description of the part, possibly, a picture of the replacement part required and the address to which the replacement part must be sent. If the replacement part is not available we will replace it with an alternative part that is most similar to it.

Is normal wear and tear covered by the warranty?

All our products are manufactured in compliance with our high-quality standards. However, even a product manufactured by Erreà and that has been kept with the greatest care will, after a certain period of time show signs of ageing and wear. Erreà 's warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.